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Pink & White Acrylic Nails

Although color has made a big come back in the past few years, the traditional pink and white design continues to reign supreme. These pink and white acrylic nails are created out of custom blended acrylic powders. Powders can be applied in shapes ranging from the classic curved look, V french style or even blended to provide a french ombre manicure. No nail polish is used. Sheer gel colors can be applied to create different looks then sealed with gel top coat for a super shiny, non-yellowing finish.

Nail Art, Stones & Studs
Chrome Nails 
Revel Salon Acrylic Nails | Chrome Nails

Nail art is back and it's all over the fashion runways not to mention Instagram, Google and Pinterest. All of the designs shown here were created specially for our clients. Pricing on nail art depends on the design details, how many nails are embellished and the length of time required for the design.

​Chrome nails are all the rage. Nothing compares to to shine of our high quality chrome pigments. We carry silver, gold, rose gold and all metallic shades in between! ​​The Ombre or Gradient Manicure is created by layering two or more colors to create a blended look. Varying shades of nail polish from light to dark make trend setting looks for any fashion style.​ Glitters can be added for a little sparkle and added bling.

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